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Syracuse, NY /

Are you a web app developer? An animal? Want to compete in StartUp Labs Syracuse?

Sara Furlong wrote

I'm looking for a partner to begin work on a startup concept. I'd like to be able to enter this concept into StartUp Labs Syracuse, but won't rush into an imperfect partnership just for the sake of entering. The deadline for Startup Labs is Dec. 2.

What I'm looking for:

-Knowledgeable, experienced, and detail-oriented web applications developer. I need the tech yin to my marketing/industry yang.

-Someone who enjoys focusing on the big picture - even before cool features. 

-Someone who will be committed to a model of keeping costs as low as possible while maintaining quality.

-Someone who is an animal. That is, who will relentlessly strive to succeed.

If interested, I'd love to hear from you. E-mail me at